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Maliba family support and re-unification program

Maliba family support and re-unification program

Maliba family support and reunification program will be designed to work with vulnerable  children/youth that have been identified for support especially after resettling them with their families. A thorough family tracing and identification process will be done, appropriate assessment of the child and/or family shall identify risk factors that require intervention and support before a reunification is expected to be successful. Criteria for this program are that:

  1. Both the family and child agree to participate. “Family” may refer to kith and kin placements.
  2. There is an identified child protection risk, other than poverty, that warrants family support and intervention services.
  3. The family, kith, or kin placement must be located in the Kasese district or within a maximum distance of 15 km from the Kasese district boundaries.

Maliba Family Support and Reunification program will accept intake referrals from the Probation and Social Welfare Officers, outside agencies, and other child support partners. If the child and family meet program criteria, the child will be admitted to stay temporarily at Maliba Children’s transitional home in one of the designated transitional beds for a maximum of 2 months. A social worker will be assigned to the case and will develop an intensive support and reunification plan with the child and family. The plan will consist of home visitations, individual

counselling, family counselling, goal setting, and collaborative planning with other support service agencies. Social workers will remain involved with the family following the reunification date and will provide counselling and supportive services for maximum of 4 months.

As this program involves intensive services that include meeting regularly with the

family and child, the program is restricted geographically because of travel considerations.

Maliba Family Support and Reunification Program’s policy is to NOT offer financial support or funding for school fees unless there is a clearly developed plan by the family to maintain the child in school upon discharge. In such circumstances, Maliba Family Support and Reunification Program can offer funding for one school term to assist the reunification process and encourage

stabilization of the family.