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Message from the Director

Project Director's Message

My name is kavugho prudance, project director of Maliba Grace orphans charity fund (MGOCF)
Personally I grew up having great dreams and goals about my future but I couldn’t achieve them because my family couldn’t support me due to poverty thus failure to take for further studies . During my studying time as a needy child I realized that some of my classmates were orphans and couldn’t achieve their dream too because no one was there to help them go on.so when I grown up I had AHeart to help the needy and orphaned children not to undergo my past experience too where I had no one to support my dreams to come to pass.Having that in mind I realized the numbers of orphans were increasing due wars, floods, diseases and other calamities that takes their parents lives and because of that they had no chance to go to school and have to stay in fear.So in 2020 l started to help some orphans to have some needs on the little I earn as my salary However they were increasing and I had adeep desire to see that these orphaned children helped to achieve their dreams of life .l decided to join with some people who had the heart for these orphans to help the project to grow and how to get other people with AHeart to help us to support these orphans have needs of life and also achieve their dream of life even though without their parents and create ajoyous generation who are successful even though orphans.Therefore l appeal to anyone who can support us this vision to support us:(give to the poor and orphans you will be lending God)
Thanks for all your support toward these orphans .
Your’s with aparental heart,
Kavugho prudance.
(Project director)
Be blessed and thanks for the support.