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Mission and Vision

Maliba Grace Orphans Charity (MGOC)

our mission, vision, Values and Guiding Principle


MGOCF envisions building hope and creating opportunities for children and


Creating an environment that gives a second chance of humility to Orphaned and
other disadvantaged children to discover their full potential and contribute to

Values and Guiding Principles

  • RESPECT and DIGNITY to all people in recognition of the innate value of all men, women, and children who are created in the image of God.
  • EQUITY AND JUSTICE to all people irrespective of race, age, gender, colour, class, disability, location, or religion.
  • COLLABORATION with families, communities, and organizations with varying service approaches toward the common goal; the protection and prevention of child abuse and neglect.
  • TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY to the community and international partners in all areas of service and management.
  • COMPASSION AND CARE ministry that is intentional in meeting individual, family, and community needs in a manner that does not erode cultural identity and socio-economic development.
  • STRENGTH-BASED PRACTICES that recognizes and maximizes the vast
  • richness of resources, talent, skills, and experience that exist in every
  • individual, family and community.