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Organisation Background

Background of the Organization in Summary


The primary base of operations for the CBO is in Kasese District in the Western Region of Uganda. The project center/Office will be established in rented space within the precincts of Kasese town on a property that can accommodate programs and services designed to support and empower children and youth who have experienced, or at risk of experiencing, child abuse and neglect.

In efforts to address socioeconomic factors that increase the risk and incidence of child abuse and neglect, Maliba Grace Orphans Charity Fund also plan to acquire a piece of land in the outskirts of Kasese town on which agricultural activities can be done. There will be food cultivation, primarily to cut the costs on purchasing food to feed the children at the orphanage and additionally for profitable initiatives like poultry farming or piggery that will finance the organization over the long term.

These ventures will create some income for the ministry and will reduce on our over reliance on foreign aid. Through these initiatives our children and youths under the project will have the opportunity to engage in farming practices as well learning some practical entrepreneurial and related business skills.


Legal Entity

Maliba Grace Orphans Charity Fund is a Community Based Organization that is governed by a board of directors.

Maliba Grace Orphans Charity Fund has commenced application with the NGO Board, and other stakeholders seeking registration of the organisation as CBO in Uganda.