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Who we are

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Maliba Grace Orphans Charity is a Community Based Organization in Uganda that is committed to providing services to vulnerable children, youth, and families in a manner that builds and strengthens individuals, families, and communities while fostering a sense of belonging, pride, independence, creativity, and self-sufficiency.

It is established in response to the need for people and communities on a global level to band together to advocate and ensure the protection and safety of all children, in all nations.


What is the issue or Challenge, why the Orphans support?

Local politics and divisions, rebel activity in the region, especially the infiltration of ADF rebel groups from the neighboring DRC Congo forests and not to forget the November 2016 political standoff between Uganda government military forces and the Rwenzururu royal guards which led to loss of many lives. The recent floods in our area that washed away many families aggravated the situation further.

These and many other challenges like the “imported” diseases say Ebola from the Congo has left many children in Kasese region orphaned with little hope, no care and support.